Values and Objectives

We’re a choir which naturally has as main objective the singing. But we also have a self-conception which is important to us and we stand in for it. This is also reflected in the objectives described here.

The LJC shall carry forward the tradition of choir singing lively on high standard and therewith also experience, learn and internalize the extramusical positive effects of a choir community with high degree of social competency.

The LJC represents the Saarland beyond its borders, the results of our work shall regularly be manifested on sound carriers and thus also be presentable long term and supraregional. Cooperations with other educational institutions of the Saarland, like the Hochschule für Bildende Künste allow to develop new, socially relevant forms of concert embodiment, initiate thrilling stimulus and unlock wide circles of audience.

At the same time the LJC professes – in its role as selection ensemble on highest standard – always to on open, pluralistic society and a peaceful together coined by mutual appreciation.

Competition or Enrichment

You’re a director of an ensemble or singing teacher? And you wonder whether the LJC is rather competition or enrichment? You need to obviously develop your own opinion, but we see us as complement and enrichment!

Almost all singers of the LJC are still members of a ‘normal’ choir. Many take singing classes with a singing or phonation teacher. It is absolutely desired that LJC members do sing in their home choir. Because we see the LJC as selection choir which additionally (!) detects and fosters talented singers. And with that indirectly contributes to enriching the home choir.

Just drop by to our dates for concerts or public rehearsals to get to know us. Watch and listen to us, speak to our leadership.

We also offer phonation teaching workshops for your choir. Apply with your choir to also sing a piece in a selected concert of ours. We want to contribute developing your choir and singing students. Talk to our leadership team.