Baroque Concert for the German-French Friendship

The LandesJugendChor – Saar is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2018. The choir is starting into the anniversery year with a concert together with the ensemble Les discours enchantés from Metz, which shall celebrate this German-French Friendship looking at the anniversary of an additional historic background: The end of World War I 100 years ago. 
The concert program cosists of French and German composers of the Baroque like Georg Philipp Telemann, Jean Baptiste Lully, Johann Sebastian Bach or Marc-Antoine Charpentier.
The ensemble Les discours enchantés works since its inception under the direction of its leader professor Vincent Bernhard , professor for organ and director of the department for Old Music at the Conservatoire Metz. The LandesJugendChor-Saar is being directed by Kerstin Behnke, professor for choir and ensemble direction at the Hochschule für Musik FRANZ LISZT Weimar.

25.03.2018 16:00 Uhr Saarbrücken, Basilika Sankt Johann

27.05.2018 Metz

Youth concert of the “Landesakademie für musisch-kulturelle Bildung”

Four youth ensembles from four different organizations present themselves:

  • Kreisjugendorchester Neunkirchen
  • LandesJugendChor Saar
  • Saarländisches Jugend Zupf- und Gitarrenorchester
  • Jugendjazzorchster Saar

09.06.2018 18:00 Uhr Neunkirchen, Neue Gebläsehalle. Entrance is for free!

Participation at “Kinder- und Jugendchorfestival Blumengarten Bexbach”

The LandesJugendChor Saar will have an appearance on 10.06.2018 in Bexbach at the kids and youth choir festival. 

Appearance at Sing City in St.Wendel

Sankt Wendel, 01.09.2018

Conzert in Ludwigskirche

Ludwigskirche Saarbrücken, 16.09.2018


As the LJC is not a ‘normal’ choir, it doesn’t rehearse like one. We have about two projects distributed over the year, often also combined with concert travel tours.

We meet for every project at 2-3 rehearsal weekends or also sometimes for a whole rehearsal week to compile a concert program (mostly in our beautiful Saarland). This happens – as the name suggests – at a weekend or during vacation period, while we’re always striving to accomodate school and university ‘vacation’. Concerts do happen then also on a weekend.

During rehearsal times you always have first class music, the possibility for individual phonation training and there’s also enough time to hang out together.

Public rehearsals

Will be announced …